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Studio Policies


Regular attendance of lessons is an issue of responsibility and choice on the part of parents and students. Overall Piano shall not assume any financial responsibility for student's absence(s)  The studio shall, however, assume financial responsibility should I (Marion Overall) become ill, or cancel for any reason. The month's regular fee will then be reduced by that particular amount.


Students are required to participate in two recitals (December and June).  Other performance opportunities may be available at other times during the school year.

Missed Lessons and "Make Ups"

The studio shall not assume any financial responsibility for a student's absence(s). Fees cannot be lowered nor refunded for missed lessons. "Make-ups" are not possible.  If, for some reason, a lesson must be missed, please notify me at least one week (or not less than 24 hours if possible) in advance. Please be certain to do so by telephone as email is not always reliable.

Tuition and Payment

Tuition is $30.00 for the 30 minute piano lesson.  The first payment is due at the first lesson and then on the 1st of each month thereafter.

Music Books/ Materials

Students/parents are expected to pay for all music books and materials.

Parent Participation

Parents are encouraged to attend and observe lessons if they so desire.  Parents are asked to encourage students to be active participants during piano practice at home.  Parents should provide a piano at home where students can practice without interruption.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to; practice at least 30 minutes 5-6 day a week, document practice time and get parent’s signature, complete all assignments, keep all music books and materials in their MUSIC BAG  and bring to piano call each week.

National Holidays

There are only two national holidays when the studio will be closed, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  The studio will be open for lessons on all other national holidays.

Summer Break

The studio is closed for summer break.  The Summer Break starts immediately after our Summer/June Recital and will end in Mid-August.  A Summer Break schedule will be emailed and given to parents a month in advance so that you can adjust your schedules accordingly.

Thank You, I am glad you chose to take piano lessons.  Your life will never be the same!

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